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  1. How Blue Light Affects Kids & Sleep
  2. What is Blue Light?
  3. What is Blue Light Cystoscopy?
  4. Blue Light and Sleep: What's the Connection?
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This confuses the natural function of the brain.

How Blue Light Affects Kids & Sleep

When it is readying our bodies for rest, the blue light emission from the device forces it to slow down the production of melatonin. This automatically reduces the quality of sleep.

The excessive use of electronic devices can harm the human eye. Blue light is quite high in intensity along the visible light spectrum.

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It is just below the UV radiation, which we know can be incredibly harmful. Being so close to UV on the spectrum, many experts believe that blue light can almost have similar harmful effects on the human eye. It may not be as intense as UV itself but the long-term exposure is questionable. Eye experts advise limiting the use of blue-light emitting devices.

What is Blue Light?

An excessive exposure in the long-term could increase the risk of losing central vision, which is also known as macular degeneration. Due to the high flicker rate of blue light wavelengths, they create a glare that deteriorates visual contrast, sharpness, and clarity. This is also the reason why most people commonly feel an eye strain after using these devices for long hours.

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  6. In natural occurrence, blue light is everywhere. So adding more exposure in the form of electronic devices and fluorescent lights is only going to create more harmful effects. If you are interested in learning what precautions you can take today to protect your eyes tomorrow from blue light exposure, contact MVC Eye Care for an appointment today! Next item What to Expect at an Eye Exam.

    What is Blue Light Cystoscopy?

    All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Khurana says. We know less about blue light. Its effects are still being researched. The bottom line, Dr. Khurana says, is that taking preventive measures against blue light even though there is no evidence of damage could be more harmful than the blue light itself.

    Some studies suggest that not enough exposure to sunlight in children could affect the growth and development of their vision.

    Blue Light and Sleep: What's the Connection?

    Not getting enough sun could also increase the risk of myopia nearsightedness in teens and young adults, a recent study suggests. Skip the glasses that claim to protect your eyes against blue light , because of a lack of evidence they are effective, Dr. Khurana advises.

    The Academy does not recommend any special eyewear for computer use. Find an Ophthalmologist.

    Original Kanturo™ Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Academy Store. Blue Light. Written By: Celia Vimont. Is my iPhone usage linked to my deteriorating near vision? Advanced Search.